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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Taipei Performing Arts Centre, Taipei, Taiwan

Design takes inspiration from the elements for Taiwan competition
The Kite of Sound, shown here, was entered into the Taiwan competition for the Taipei Performing Arts Centre but was not shortlisted. A glass & steel light coverage that alludes to the socio-functional unity of the complex is a metaphor of a big sound vibration, a Kite of Sound, dragged by the wind. This dynamic and unifying shell is necessary to give identity to varied unity of functions, each one having different and specific formal characteristics, immerged in a urban frame that is also strongly fragmented, diversified and subject to turbulent traffic.

Without the “Kite of Sound Roof” the Performing Arts Centre would be absorbed in the anonymity of the urban texture, while with it, it finds its unitary and unmistakable identity. That identity is neither autonomous nor extraneous in comparison from the surrounding Taipei cityscape because it constitutes its iconic, qualifying and characteristic heart, and none the less a calm island, away from the never stopping traffic where it is immersed and given back to the life and sociality of the Taipei inhabitants.

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