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Monday, November 24, 2008

Punta Diamante Mixed Use, Querétaro, Qro., Mexico

Mixed use building design uses an innovative approach to connect witht the city
Somewhere between the high place and Queretaro’s downtown, there is Punta Diamante, a unique project in Querétaro dedicated to equilibrate the rhythms of modern life.

The project integrates three spaces of time: dwelling, working and entertaining, allowing an experience of the pleasure of living in harmony with the city and with nature.

7300, sq m and a complicated geometry and topography gave Anonimous LED architects the opportunity to work with a rough horizontal plane and an extended vertical one.

In an attempt of 'belonging' to the site, a basement that links the city with the building is generated exposing the volcanic rock which creates self-identity and unveils different textures and hues throughout the public floor. The paving and stone walls integrate different uses, so that dwelling, offices and commerce are integrated through the colour black. The floors transform into walls beside the old airport highway in an attempt to link the project with the terrain’s slope.

The access leads to a staircase adapted to the topography and then to the plaza. Once there, it is possible to appreciate the whole complex.

The staircase is the strategic point of the project. It not only provides circulation, but also joins all spaces and frames the views to the city. As the result of its location, it also works as the scenario of users’ coexistence.

The architects believe in building for the natural environment, not against it. One of the most important specific conditions in the project has to do with its orientation. The facades speak the same language to archive an integrate project, the use of bands responds to the shapes and to the program. In the Office tower the bands are used vertically to emphasize and stylize the tower. At the west the bands get closer to protect from the sunlight. The apartment tower has the same bands but in a horizontal way. The northern facade faces the plaza and the office tower is more shut in order to have more privacy.

Another objective is to encourage the pedestrian itineraries and the public life of the plaza and the green zones
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