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Monday, November 24, 2008

Marchese + Partners Innovation, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia

M+P announce the launch of Marchese + Partners Innovation initiative

Innovation is going to provide the foundation of both our design process and the way we do business from this point forward. From unique systems for communicating with our clients to new benchmarks in building design; from land use solutions previously unheard of to cutting edge technology integration; Innovation is going to change the landscape of the architecture industry in Australia for good. Innovation includes workshops, where developers, builders, real estate agents, and green technology experts, can interact in order to develop the best possible design solutions for our clients. It also includes searching for development sites around Australia and then matching these opportunities to interested parties in order to help spark the next wave of the development cycle. Steve Zappia, Principal and Managing Director of Marchese + Partners, says the firm's ethos is to be 'bold and confident' despite an uncertain market place. 'We believe that from unprecedented challenges comes lasting and exciting changes,’ said Mr Zappia. ‘We aim to be at the forefront of those changes, a true pioneer in this new world.':
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