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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Raffles City, Manama, Bahrain

New Raffles City Bahrain, hopes to attract new investment with its unique ‘wave,’ inspired design
Located in the heart of Bahrain Bay the new development of Raffles City, designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects, will offer 4,300,000 sq ft of mixed use residential and retail space. The design for the ambitious project is formed by four separate sites that gradually slope downwards towards the seafront promenade, architecturally linked by a series of ‘waves’ which emanate from the waterfront and culminate with four concave leaning towers.

The multi-billion dollar project, which aims to be completed in 2012, promises to transform the Bahrain Bay skyline with its distinctive design and it is hoped will attract investment for international conglomerates and brands.

Three curved high-rise towers form the culminating gesture of the wave design, which will incorporate luxury apartments and two-storey penthouse suites with views overlooking both the Arabian Gulf and Bahrain Bay itself. The fourth tower, which sits slightly in front of the other three, will encompass serviced apartments. Forty-seven apartments sitting below the towers comprise the development’s most exclusive residences, each featuring a private swimming pool, landscaped terrace, courtyard and drive-way to a parking garage. The terraced arrangement of these villas not only affords unrestricted views to the centre of the bay and centre of Bahrain, but also provides privacy that belies the urban nature of the project. The design is inspired and derived from souks, or markets, which are the hive of commercial activity in Arabic culture and it is hoped the development will attract a similarly bustling business and commercial aesthetic.

John Edwards
architecture NOW

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