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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Armani Fifth Avenue, New York, United States

Welcome to Armani Fifth Avenue...

After Hong Kong Chater House and Tokyo Ginza Tower, Fifth Avenue completes the trilogy of the Armani Stores designed by Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas for the famous designer.

Situated in the centre of New York, in one of the best known streets, the project takes up the first three floors of two buildings localized between the 5th Avenue and the 56th Street.

Besides the basement, the show room develops on four differents levels, the nucleus of the project being the staircase connecting the floors. It’s a structure wrought with a radiating grill of steel, covered in a plastic which highlights the sculptural form. It’s a completely independent element that can be assimilated with difficulty to a simple geometric figure, originating as a whirlwind with great dymanism, surrounded by the different levels of Armani’s world.

In a ribbon-like movement the staircase skims each of the floors creating flowing forms unrecognisable from any two different stand-points.

The fluidity of the internal space is rendered by the uniformity realized by monochrome lacquered wood panels. Different bends in the threads of these panels give rise to fields and handles for the different product areas. Folds give hospitality to the dressing-room and the VIP hall, in other points there are areas reserved to the staff, cash desk, or special product areas like Armani Dolci.

Every element of the internal design, from the exhibitions to the rooms to cloak rooms, from the desks to the armchairs, follows and satisfies the movement concept generated by the staircase, becoming a part of the same whirlwind.

Inside the restaurant, filtered by an amber veil, there is a splendid view of the 5th Avenue and in the end of Central Park. The colours and the materials utilized are the same of the rest of the show room, but the suggestions are new and different. The space becomes recreational, a line of light on the floor that leads to the entrance of the restaurant underlining the sensuality of the bends of the wall. A virtual curtain, they activate the passage and suggests a theatrical space.
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