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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Z10 Towers, UAE, United Arab Emirates

Architectonics International diversify with Z10 Towers holiday concept

Specialising in architecture for the consumer, Architectonics International, a practise from Long Island, New York, generate most of their work from retail projects. Progressing in their advancements in architecture and engineering the firm have now designed the Z10 Towers, conceived as a resort/vacation destination, located on the Dana Island Ras Al Khaimah UAE (manmade islands on hold for construction).

Illustrating an aptitude for technological practise, it was important to the firm that the Z10 Complex should remain on the cutting edge and never fall short in the eyes of the global community. Their vision consists of a seven star hotel, luxury residential apartments, and satellite offices for the avid businessmen. This complex dubbed “Z10 COMPLEXS” becomes the focal point of the project and in turn also the welcoming structure of the complex. The architects hope the Z10 Complexes could be seen as a beacon for miles around symbolizing the emergence of new age architectural thinking.

The main towers are backed with a group of six separate complexes consisting of high end living, providing its residents with their own elevators/party terraces, pools and Jacuzzis for private use while enjoying the soft breeze of the Persian Gulf and its many breathtaking views. The intended sense is one of luxury and escapism.

The walkways and the road below would breeze thru the entire project to enhance the interrelationships of the various activities of the complexes, truly becoming the arteries of the project. The sunrise and the sunset parks would define moments in the visitor’s life making their stay memorable and better yet unforgettable.

The vocabulary of architecture has never been challenged on this scale before -The engineering requirements needed for this project will set it apart from any the world has seen to date. The angled towers will require the foundations to be counter balanced; vertical transportation is inclined or tilted. The outer skins of the buildings are thermal protected with an even sized diamond shape to enhance the richness of the buildings while creating magnificent 360 degrees of panoramic views.
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