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Friday, March 27, 2009

Prada Transformer, Seoul, South Korea

4-in-1 venue innovation to launch in Seoul

Seoul is an exciting city right now. It’s undergoing a publicly funded transformation encouraging investment from the west and expanding upon its already cosmopolitan ambiance, a change which could make Seoul THE place to be. So, where better to launch the couture branded, multi-purpose performance venue, Prada Transformer? Echoing the fast paced transition of the city, the Transformer, designed by AMO’s Alexander Reichert, utilises four steel framed sides of a tetrahedron: hexagon, cross, rectangle and circle, which transform into an entirely new arena in a ‘roll of the dice’ manoever.

The building, entirely covered with a smooth elastic membrane, will be flipped using cranes, completely reconfiguring the visitor's experience and creating a new cultural venue. Each side plan is precisely designed to organize a different event installation creating a building with four identities. Whenever one shape becomes the ground plan, the other three shapes become the walls and the ceiling defining the space.

The project is one of several in a collaboration between the international architects and the fashion label. A programme of events scheduled for the structure will open on the 25 April with "Waist Down - Skirts by Miuccia Prada", and close with the Prada fashion show for 500 guests. Other events will include an extended film showcase and an art exhibition.

The venue will be in-situ beside the ancient 16th century Gyeuonghui Palace for 5 months, the dramatic juxtaposition of the venue to its location providing a stark reflection of the duality of Seoul today, as a historic city swiftly advancing into a modern cultural capital.

Niki May Young
News Editor
architecture NOW

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