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Friday, March 27, 2009

Cellar 14 Viñas, Ciudad Real, Spain

Spanish winery embraces its location, reflecting its surroundings through design

Situated in an estate near Ciudad Real and Picón in Spain, is this winery. The plot area is located on the north of the estate and has a irregularity of 7m between the upper northeast ridge and the lower to the southeast. As a starting point the proposal looks to respect the natural resources and to reduce the waste materials impact through recycling and reuse.

The approach of the project comes from three previous determining factors: Site conditions - The winery arises as a free standing building with an accentuated singular character. Due to its industrial use as much as to its location in an emblematic environment it raises a respectful solution towards the landscape of low environmental impact.

Plot area - The winery is located on the top of a smooth hill that dominates the landscape and the vineyard to the south. Half buried, this condition polarizes the project and differentiates clearly between the north face and the south, allowing the vineyards south facing light and the industrial buildings protection to the north.

Programme conditions - The project is composed of a rectangular compact piece of land of 85.5m X 23.10m. Two differentiated essential elements compose the unit: The base is organized in two levels, a low concrete level of a massive character and the upper level lighter and metallic of a clearly tectonic character; The pleated metallic skin made of reflective aluminium, covers the base and provides the façades with a mimetic character. The folded sheet interacts with the landscape, allowing for both harmony and dialogue with the surroundings.
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