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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Westerdok Apartment Building, Amsterdam, Netherlands

MVRDV completes Westerdok Apartment Building

Dutch architects MVRDV have completed the Westerdok Apartment building in Amsterdam. The 6000m2 building contains 46 apartments and a day care center. The architects design concept is openness, which is achieved using a minimal amount of materials including glass, steel and concrete. Each apartment has a balcony of varying depths, which stretch as bands along the entire façade offering varied outside spaces and views over the western docklands of Amsterdam. The floor-to-ceiling glass façade can be fully opened and contrasts with the mainly brick buildings located within the so called ‘VOC Cour’ port redevelopment.

The building is located inside the court of a closed city block with one façade facing the waterfront of the Westerdock. The project is currently one of the nominees for the Amsterdam Architecture Award.

Sharon McHugh
International Correspondent
architecture NOW

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