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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Doha Convention Centre and Tower, Doha, Qatar

Stretching to the skies the Doha Tower offers somewhere to work rest and play

The design of the new Doha Convention Center and Tower by Murphy/Jahn architects creates an iconic symbol for the Doha skyline – a 550m high tapering obelisk, containing a total of 112 storeys. It begins with offices in its lower levels, followed by apartment floors, a hotel and penthouse residences in the upper levels of the narrower building shaft. At the top of the Tower an exclusive Private Club occupies a 60m high glowing glass cylinder, flanked by extensions of the obelisk facades and supported by a soaring structural helix. The shape of the Tower conforms to the functional parameters of the design brief with a subtle, elegant and dramatic form.

To the west lies the Convention Center. The floating roof plane of metal and glass covers the Exhibit Halls and extend out towards the Tower in a broad sweeping arc. The strong horizontal expression of the Convention Center compliments the spectacular verticality of the Tower, yielding a harmonious and unique building ensemble.

The project is due for completion in 2012.
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