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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dorobanti Tower, Bucharest, Romania

Presenting a new style for the London architect's books
Romania's capital city could be set to receive a 200m tall offering from star-architect Zaha Hadid. Dorobanti Tower has been proposed to join the eclectic mix of historic, communist and modern architecture in Bucharest and if approved will tower 80 m above the present tallest building in the city.

Providing a 5-star hotel (34,000 sq m) and apartments (35,000 sq m) the elliptical meshed structure has been designed to create an iconic presence in the heart of the city. The tapering form, a product of regulations and restrictions due to adjacent listed buildings, provides an immediate contrast to the jagged edged communist architecture surrounding the plot.

The meandering exterior columns are formed of concrete filled steel which both adds strength to the structure and provides fire resistance for the steel frame.

The design represents a departure from Hadid's signature style, however, this is integrated in to a public realm surrounding the structure in the addition of a "warped concrete carpet" with one continuous surface connecting the three surrounding streets adjacent to the tower. The deformations on the landscape create seating areas, water basins, garden spaces including trees and a lifted terrace.

Designed for the client, Smartown Investments, there will also be 4,600 sq m of retail situated in the base of the tower. Dorobanti Tower is scheduled for completion in 2013

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