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Monday, January 19, 2009

Heden proposal, Gothenburg, Sweden

Kjellgren Kaminsky propose haven of green in Sweden's most dense city
Today Heden is semi-derelict site in the middle of Gothenburg used for parking, football fields and with a small hotel in the corner. Given a few years however the site could be home to a multi-level housing scheme with apartments pushing up through the landscape, complete with green roofs, intertwining with walk and cycle paths.

This proposal by Kjellgren Kaminsky has been developed to address a severe housing deficit within the crowded Swedish city, particularly for rental properties. The scheme outlines blocks, or more appropriately mounds of apartments rising like waves of land to face large open public spaces for sports or events.

The scheme features design elements which assimilate Gothenburgian themes: the waves, according to the project’s Head Architect Daniel Andersson, relate to the city’s harbour; the street structure allows outside streets to pass through; and the window pattern is taken from a Gothenburg map converted into a pixel grid, changing window sizes in relation to building density and green space.

The site will be maintained in part by the city’s maintenance department with some green roofs maintained by residents. Kjellgren Kaminsky hope that the scheme will be a ‘green lung’ for the city. The firm are currently in discussion with several financial backers.

Niki May Young
News Editor

architecture NOW

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