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Monday, January 19, 2009

Novum Biocity

CCO architects submits outline design for bio-medical research facility for Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm
Novum BioCity will function as the new research- and laboratory centre at Karolinska University Hospital, near Stocholm, comprising of approximately 70,000 sq m, mainly laboratories.

The aim for Novum BioCity is to make a creative environment, where the building creates possibilities for researchers and laboratory staff to meet, create synergies and explore areas of mutual interest across the disciplines. It will serve as a hub for research and hospital activity, an arena for research and development and a living venue for researchers, laboratory staff and the public.

The main tenants in Novum BioCity are Karolinska Institute and Karolinska University Laboratory, respectively one of Europe’s largest medical universities and one of Europe’s largest hospitals. Facilitating research and laboraty activity Novum BioCity will become a modern laboratory building that connects the clinical and preclinical research and as well as connects the hospital’s analytical departments.

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