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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Sail @ Marina Bay, Singapore, Singapore

The Sail @ Marina Bay completes contibuting to Singapore's treasure
Due to its changing role in Asia from a manufacturing to a knowledge economy, and intense competition from China, Singapore is seeking to attract multi-national corporations and individuals to stay competitive. As part of this effort, it is moving its main port—one of the world’s busiest—to nearby Jurong to free up space in the crowded Central Business District. Years of landfill in the CBD’s Marina Bay area has made it ripe for development.

NBBJ was selected to design one of the first projects in the area: The Sail @ Marina Bay. The mixed-use building is comprised of apartment units, several restaurants, health clubs, recreation decks with pools and tennis courts, and parking. The development is meant to advance Singapore's leadership in Asia as a city designed to be the ultimate in "Live Work Play".

The Sail will be the first project to introduce residential units to the area, helping create a sustainable environment via the reduction of traffic, congestion and smog. It will also offer an environment that directly engages with water and the surrounding green space, and encouraging residents to engage their urban environment 24/7. The project will achieve Singapore’s Gold standard of sustainability, adding to the city’s “green city” image and creating a healthier environment for its residents.

Deriving inspiration from the surrounding sea, the Sail was designed to look like a sculpture created by the hands of nature. With two soaring towers of 70 and 63 floors split by water at a sculpted base, the 245-meter-high building is the world’s 10th largest high rise—creating a new icon on the skyline and positioning the city as a new destination within the rich and diverse fabric of Singapore.

Developed by City Developments Limited and American International Group, the project is creating a one-of-a-kind and unique landmark in the Marina district, greatly contributing to Singapore's "Emerald Necklace"—a string of cultural institutions and buildings that will ring Marina Bay.

All 1,111 units sold out in a matter of weeks at new record prices for Southeast Asia.

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