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Monday, January 12, 2009

Taiwan University Cancer Center and Proton Center, Taipei, Taiwan

J.J.Pan and HKS to design Taiwan Cancer Center
The National Taiwan University have selected J.J. Pan and Partners in collaboration with HKS, Inc. to design the National Taiwan University Cancer Center and Proton Center.

The 1.3 million-sq ft, 500-bed cancer center includes proton therapy with four rotating beam rooms; radiation therapy including eight linear accelerators; chemotherapy with 150 positions; an outpatient clinic with 60 E/T rooms; surgery department with 10 operating rooms; and a prevention medicine and stem cell transplant center.

Chungwei Su, principal designer for J.J. Pan and Partners said, “The client requested a patient-focused hospital that is to become the destination for oncology services in the global Chinese community. HEARTS – hope, education, affection, research, technology and services – is the theme of the Yong Lin Healthcare Foundation, a major financial contributor and partner in the building program.”

Improving the facility’s ability to enhance healthcare delivery is at the core of the design. A curved, 48-bed unit shape maximizes staff efficiency by reducing patient transfer and staff travel distances as well as providing natural light into the waiting and staff areas through healing gardens strategically located externally and internally at each level. The incorporation of nature and light throughout the facility is an important, uplifting design consideration for cancer patients. Close proximity of covered parking below grade is also included.

Located on an urban site in Taipei, Taiwan, the center will deliver state-of-the-art cancer care and research, responding to the community’s need for quality healthcare. National Taiwan University’s School of Medicine, which includes an existing hospital, will be supplemented with the new comprehensive cancer center.

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