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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Arkon Building brings a unique housing comprehension to Istanbul

Arkon Building, which has been the statement of trust for years, is bringing a unique housing comprehension to Istanbul. Arkon Park Residence with its 538 apartments is the second largest housing project in Türkiye. Arkon Park Residence is comprised of two towers, at 29 and 34 floors, elegantly rising up through the clouds in Halkal; which is the new center of the circulation web of the city and allowing the 538 houses to open out into the sky. Arkon Park Residence which has clear views owing to both its location and its characteristic of being one of the highest housing structures, offers an incomparable vista opportunity to its owners with the biggest city park area on one side and magnificent lake section on the other. Various apartments in the Arkon Park Residence were designed bespoke for people in any character and size but the majority of apartments consist of 1+1houses. Arkon Park Residence project can provide a home for any family size and would appeal to anyone who is looking for a secure investment and wanting to live aloft.
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