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Friday, April 04, 2008

Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, United States

TVS and TVS Interiors reinvent Atlanta landmark hotel
The new design is a reinvention of the space including a dramatic overhaul of the world's largest atrium. The completion of the Phase 1 work includes the opening of four new food and beverage facilities: 'Sear' fine dining restaurant, 'High Velocity' sports bar, 'Pulse' lobby bar and a new Pool Bar. In addition to these restaurant and bar facilities and an extensive supporting kitchen, additional completed elements include the renovation of the pool deck, Imperial Ballroom and meeting rooms. The 'Pulse' lobby bar is the focal point of the atrium and brings new life into the hub of the hotel. The dramatic curves of the existing atrium space and the ribs of the balconies are reflected in the design with its structure soaring fifty feet high. The bar creates a gathering place for guests and features contemporary, clean white marble panels, stainless "fin" accents and a white backpainted curved glass top. The structure itself is clad in resin panels that are backlit with Light Emitting Devices (LED) which change color throughout the day to reflect the mood and 'pulse' of the property. 'Sear,' the signature restaurant of the hotel, creates both a bright and cheery dining experience in the morning and a chic, intimate feeling in the evening with its layered drapery, metal accents and raised platform in the rear of the restaurant to separate the spaces. The typical sports bar is redefined by 'High Velocity' with its sleek lines and contemporary portrayal of the fast-moving world of sports. The Marriott Marquis atrium is an architectural marvel yet was previously inactive and underutilized. By enhancing the existing features and relocating all food and beverage outlets off of the Pulse lobby bar, the space becomes a hub of activity where guests, area residents and visitors alike can gather, and most importantly, enjoy the spectacular view of this Atlanta landmark

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