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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Gulf University for Science & Technology, Mishref, Kuwait

Learning spaces incorporate latest advances in high technology
Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST) is the first purpose-built private University campus built in Kuwait. It recently opened its doors to students for a ‘soft opening’ in early 2008. Contained within the 40,000 m2 complex are 59 classrooms, 13 computer and science laboratories, and 153 faculty offices. Special attention has been given to the Learning Resources Center with its interactive library / Training Center and international standard conference facilities. The complex can accommodate some 3,400 students offering facilities such as indoor/outdoor cafes, food courts, meeting rooms, shops and wireless connectivity throughout the campus. A Fitness Center housing a gymnasium, health and activity clubs is located adjacent to the main building. The project’s design concept responds to the three distinct needs associated with any educational facility- the need to interact, the need to learn, and the need to gather. These needs have been associated with objects and spaces which have traditional connotations in an attempt to position this modern facility meaningfully within the richness of the local culture.

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