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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Construction starts on Nigerian art and nature complex

Featuring the Nigeria Cultural Centre, Millennium Tower and Municipal Building
Work has begun on the Nigeria National Complex in Abuja. Dedicated to the art and nature of Nigeria, the complex is being developed on an area over 170,000sqm. It will feature the Nigeria Cultural Centre and the National Square where the Millennium Tower and Municipal Building will be located.

The Cultural Centre will include the Museum of the Millenary Nigerian Art, an Hotel, and a 1200 seat Auditorium. On the adjacent lot the 170m tall Millenium Tower will dominates the 'National Square'. The Cultural Centre and the Millenium Tower, separated by a road carrying heavy city traffic, will be linked by an underground Commercial Arcade. The large roof of the Cultural Centre covers 16,500sqm eliminating. It made up of a reinforcing strip at the edges and a central part consisting of a light steel and glass structure with high tension cupola curvature geometrically modelled by the meeting of the three Flat Saddle domes.

Construction is due to be completed in time for the 20th birthday of Nigeria’s new capital.

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