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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Royalton Hotel

The Royalton Hotel, redesigned by Roman and Williams, reopens
Seamlessly blending cutting-edge design and a traditional sense of luxury, the landmark Royalton hotel has led the hospitality industry for the last twenty years. Last year, after a brief closure, Morgans Hotel Group proudly unveils the 17.5 million dollar renovation of the newly re-thought and newly re-imaged Royalton, designed by noted New York-based design firm Roman & Williams. This new Royalton, the first large-scale Morgans Hotel Group renovation in the company's history, is a dramatic reinvention that both moves the hotel's spirit of intelligent contemporary design forward and remains consistent with Royalton's long-standing history of resonance with stylish and culturally aware visitors from around the globe. Reflecting the vibrant energy surrounding the hotel's midtown Manhattan location, Roman and Williams have created a series of iconic spaces that together form a fully integrated experience. From the floor-to-ceiling mahogany front doors that open into a crystalline vestibule to the textured, handcrafted details of the lobby's custom furnishings, the visual and tactile combination of brass, steel, wood, velvet, suede, and fur creates a sense of deeply luxurious comfort colored with a dash of thoughtfully ambitious design. Hand-blown crystal pendants hang over custom-designed seating while vintage objects detail the space with a touch of wellconsidered nostalgia. Defining it all is a monumental cast-bronze fireplace, inspired by the works of Louise Nevelson and Paul Evans.

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