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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Singapore Sports Stadium

Singapore Sports Hub Consortium wins bid to build new sports hub
The Singapore Sports Hub Consortium has been selected by the Singapore Government and the Singapore Sports Council to help achieve the Nation’s vision for a thriving sports, entertainment and lifestyle ecosystem. The evaluation committee cited significant strengths in programming and events, team culture and partnership, its design and operational functionality, and best value for money solution for Singapore. The new Sports Hub will be ready in end 2011 and is Singapore’s largest and flagship Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) of this nature.
Premier Park, the Consortium’s response to the visionary opportunity presented by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), is a world-class inspirational landmark that delivers beyond SSC’s expectations for the Sports Hub. Premier Park is backed by a best of breed visionary team with over 400 years of combined experience in Asia, an international track record, and strong local insights with each team member having had a Singapore presence for over a decade.
Premier Park is to develop a programme of local, regional and international events for everyone. It includes the establishment of the ASEAN Super League, a new annual international football event for Singapore – the Singapore International Football Trophy kicking-off in 2012 and new developments with cricket and Twenty20 internationals. The well-rounded annual programming will also include sports grassroots programmes with the establishment of Nights@PremierPark events, Experience Sport sessions and the Singapore National Games that will harness sport, business and community.
Located in the heart of the city, on the waterfront and developed on a 35-hectare site, the centrepiece of Premier Park includes a 55,000 seat Olympic stadium with extendable tiers – the largest ultra-lightweight tropical dome in the sporting world, with a sliding roof that lights up at night and doubles up as a projection screen to create the most dramatic effects for night events. Central air cooling will provide comfort to public seating by blowing fresh and treated air beneath every seat. To create a total sporting culture, the Sports Promenade, which will be Singapore’s largest covered outdoor space, has been designed as an urban recreation centre for all Singaporeans with a host of activities. The Sports Promenade will link the stadium and all other facilities. This includes an aquatic centre with Olympic and recreational pools, a water sports centre for dragon boat, rowing, kayaking, two-multi-purpose indoor halls capable of hosting 9 different sports simultaneously, a shopping mall, an office building, a sports medical centre, a Sports museum and library, and the existing Singapore Indoor Stadium, a 12,000 seats arena. Beyond the tender’s requirements, Premier Park offers an Olympic and recreational white water rafting course and a 500-room hotel that will bring in the live-in population and tourists to the hub.
Furthermore, to bring sustainability to the project during the 25 years of concession, the Singapore Sports Hub Consortium has committed to make use of its commercial revenues to set up a dedicated fund - the Premier Park Foundation – for the development of sporting activities and additional facilities. Through the skills and resources of the team, these investments will ensure the most productive management of Premier Park’s finances, delivering further returns which will be invested into the fund, and thus creating a virtuous circle that will sustain Premier Park for decades to come.
The Singapore Sports Hub Consortium is led by Dragages Singapore and includes HSBC Infrastructure Fund (Main Equity Partner), United Premas Ltd (Real Estate Facility Manager) and Global Spectrum Asia (Facility Operator). Other partners to the project include World Sport Group, Arup Sport, DP Architects, Pico, ARM Asia, Shatec, Fraser Centrepoint and Genting International. ,p>The next step will be the financial closing of the project – a group of banks have been put together for the financing in order to achieve this essential milestone

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