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Thursday, March 20, 2008

International competition honor mention

New Warsaw Museum of Modern Art conveys idea of freedom as symbolic message
The project is made up of two elements. The Crystalline Container is an austere transparent parallelepiped protecting and revealing a strong dynamic space holding the many activities of the museum. The transparency of the "container" absorbs and renews the urban surroundings: The Marszalkowska Street and the Square dominated by a Stalinist-stile skyscraper, the tallest building in Warsaw and symbol of the Soviet oppression. The large transparent cage seems hardly able to hold in two massive thunderbolts of free and overflowing forms, a metaphor for Polish untameable vitality. The two Thunderbolts structures, which contain the specific museum activities shatter the immobility of the container; they break out towards the space outside; they both characterise and dispute the urban skyline. The "Thunderbolts" create a spatial labyrinth of ever changing perspectives and colours.

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