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Monday, March 31, 2008

Headquarters of Belarusian Potassium Company, Minsk, Belarus

Varabyeu Partners design the headquarters for the Belarusian Potash Company in Minsk
The office building is a headquarters of Belarusian Potash Company (BPC). BPC supplies potash fertilizers to Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central and South America, China, Europe, India and the USA and controls a 33% share in the world potash export market.
The main idea for the building was taken from potash crystal shape. The 8th story central atrium connects two part of the building and symbolizes the beauty of pink mineral, which is so rich on Belarusian land. Each wing of the building is a gallery type volume with a vertical garden space in the middle and transformed glass skylight on top. Those are the green hearths of the building, their help to create natural environment and ventilation and restful atmosphere inside. There is a parking garage in the basement floor. The sport complex with fitness classes, sauna and pool are located on the left side of the building. An amphitheatre is planed in the right wing. The office spaces are located on upper floors.
Broken lines and sharp corners illustrated on facades express the main idea of the building. Glazing is transforming and tracing the sunshine in to a colorful twinkle pattern.
The design of this edifice is a complex process, where you have to achieve many different requirements such as esthetics, ergonomics, functionalism and economy which are accomplish today’s modern standards.

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