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Friday, March 21, 2008

Ribbons of green space

Perkins+Will designs the Helping Park in the city of Tianjin, China
The Heping district in the city of Tianjin consists of dense residential and manufacturing buildings originally developed in the 1960s. The neighborhood's redevelopment plan includes new high-rise residential construction that will emphasize a higher quality of life through the integration of public green spaces and parklands. This masterplan consists of a multi-level base structure for multiple future residential towers, an alternative strategy to the typical isolated base-tower model. In addition to providing parking, retail and a community center, it adds new green space and pedestrian pathways that weave the complex into the existing community.
The ample green space was achieved by submerging two garage levels below the main park that begins at grade at the west end of the site. Ribbons of green space undulate across the site, admitting light, access and ventilation to the parking below. The green ribbons rise to form a green roof over the three pavilions that form the community center at the eastern end of the site. This community center includes a library, recreation center and a shared multi-functional space for the surrounding neighborhood.
Various grass textures accentuate the patterns formed by the folds in the park. A variety of paths provide access through the site, emphasizing the pedestrian network at grade.

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