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Monday, March 31, 2008

Tetris, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland building inspired by game of Tetris
The Architectus designed building for the Victoria Quarter derives its parti from the Tetris. The Tetris (building) is generally made up of three elements: the ground and mezzanine retail, six “Tetris” units (two groups of three) over four levels and six smaller two level units on top.

The provenance of the Tetris is originally a puzzle game invented in Moscow, Russia during the days of the Soviet Union. Its name is derived from the Greek numerical prefix “tetra-” meaning four, as all of the blocks are made up of four segments.”

The building has a faceted external concrete frame structure. Four large internal columns act as service risers and support intermediate beams. The interiors are proposed as a robust “off the form” concrete finish. Double height internal spaces feature large opening doors.

The overall Victoria Quarter has been designed in co-operation with Architect firms: Moller, Warren & Mahoney, Jasmax, Fearon Hay, Cheshire, Ian Moore (Sydney), Architecture Workshop (Wellington), Innovarchi (Sydney).

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