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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Expect tradition blending with urban modernity as you retreat into a unique concoction of shadows, textures and colours...
The new I-bar is luxurious, mysterious and decadent. It uses traditional pink sandstone and carved timber screens in an altogether new way fusing established materials with a graphic sense of pattern and color to create an ambiance that is rich and enveloping. In addition the concept of 'patchwork' is introduced both as a motif and as a metaphor for the city. Elements are collaged together from the different pink colors on the floor to the dusky pink mirror on the walls and the ceiling tiles to the entrance. "The inspiration for the design came from a trip to northern India last year and a visit to the Qutb Minar. Here the sandstone structures have been standing since C13th and have an extraordinary patina of age as repairs have been made and additions added. This patchwork of colors, textures and shadows became a touchstone for the project which seeks to reconcile old and new India…" James Soane, Director.

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