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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Atlantic Yards, New York, United States

New Gehry Designs for Atlantic Yards Development Unveiled
Forest City Ratner Companies today released new images of the Frank Gehry-designed Atlantic Yards development in Brooklyn New York. The focus of the design changes is on three buildings: Building One, formerly the Miss Brooklyn Building, will now be an office tower; Building 2, a residential tower, is now expected to have 50% of its units dedicated to low and middle income housing, and The Barclays Center Arena for the New Jersey Nets, a franchise of the National Basketball Association (NBA), has been substantially reworked.

During the approvals process Forest City agreed to reduce the height of Building One to ensure it would not be taller than the Williamsburgh Savings Bank the tallest building in Brooklyn which is located across the street. “In response to the new program, (Building One) has evolved and has become slimmer, more elegant and more festive and is ideally suited for an office building," said Frank Gehry. The building, which will now be 34 stories tall will achieve a LEED silver rating and house approximately 650,000 sq ft of office space.

The Barclays Center arena has also received an updated design. Gehry’s swooping blue metallic exterior surrounds the Center and is in keeping with his signature style. A full Frank Gehry-designed corporate luxury suite, which will reportedly cost $300,000 a year, will be unveiled on 15 May at a gala at the New York Times building. B2, the first residential tower of the complex, will also be 34 stories tall and house approximately 350 units.

In addition to the program changes Forest City affirmed its construction schedule for both phases of the development stating that its goal was to break ground on the arena in 2008 and B2 in 2010. Both buildings will open at the same time.

Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent

architecture NOW

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