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Monday, May 19, 2008

WGBH Headquarters, Brighton, Massachusetts, United States

Polshek’s new WGBH headquarters building
Commuters on the Massachusetts Turnpike are in for a real treat. As they muscle their way in to Boston, they will be greeted each day with changing digital images projected from a 30 ft tall screen located at the terminus of a 480 ft long bridge-like structure dubbed “the beam”. The beam is part of the WGBH Public Television’s new Headquarters building in Brighton, Massachusetts designed by New York-based Polshek Partnership Architects.

The $85 million complex consists of a seven-storey office building and a two-storey technical operations building united by the creative content “beam” building. The project consolidates WGBH TV, radio, interactive and educational activities into a single efficient media complex. Major design elements include a 200-seat theatre, music performance spaces, and larger television and radio studios, which are visible from the street.

Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent
source :
architecture NOW

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