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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Rotunda, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Mindseye Lighting provides the WOW factor for the recently refurbished Rotunda reception.
The installation of spectacular lighting brings the refurbishment of iconic building, the Rotunda in Birmingham, England to an end. Mindseye Lighting were asked to design a lighting scheme to dramatise the reception area for the newly refurbished Rotunda Building that, in itself, could become a talking piece.

The Grade II listed cylindrical building has been part of Birmingham's skyline since the 1960s and is a key landmark in Birmingham’s City Centre. It has recently undergone a makeover and been completely restyled by developers Urban Splash and Glenn Howells Architects encouraging every one of its’ 232 residential apartments to sell out on the first launch day. Mindseye Lighting were commissioned by Glenn Howells Architects and challenged with filling a 9m high void in the entrance lobby. Effectively a large scale chandelier, the final design measures 14.5m long and 4.8m at its widest.

437 Element Lab’s pixels are suspended in the ends of polished aluminum tubes, with some lengths reaching almost 6m. The contour and layout of the ‘ceiling wave’ was carefully considered to maximize interest and viewing angles for the public, with 46 rows of tubes running front to back. A total of 940m of tubes were used to achieve the desired effect. The polished finish provides light reflections making it look just like a chandelier.

Mindseye also generated content which plays out through the LEDs 24/7. The content clips loop every 5 minutes providing continuous waves of colour. A sky scene has been created along with coloured scenes
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