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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A strange place to park your house

A strange place to park your house
What the MUMOK museum could have done to Erwin Wurm is anyone's guess but he must have been pretty angry to throw a house at it! In actual fact, Erwin Wurm is a renowned Austrian sculptor and these pictures show 'House Attack' which was one of his more eye-catching installations. It was attached to the exterior of the biggest Austrian museum for international modern and contemporary art, MUMOK, to open Wurm's Keep A Cool Head exhibition in 2006. MUMOK's website describes the meaning behind the installation: “A symbol for conservative, small minded longings, the single-family house collides into the museum as a temple to the muses, and the museum itself now also becomes part of the sculpture.” The museum itself is a dark closed block clad entirely in Basalt-lava-stone and designed by Ortner & Ortner. You can view the making of House attack by clicking HERE( for MUMOK's videoarchive

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