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Monday, May 12, 2008

SFMOMA Rooftop Garden, San Francisco, California, United States

SFMOMA’s unveils garage rooftop garden
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)have broken ground with a new Rooftop Garden. The garden is situated atop a parking garage adjacent to its building. Designed by San-Francisco based Jensen Architects, the expansion project adds 14,000 sq ft of open-air and glass-enclosed space to the museum.

Jensen Architects’ Rooftop Garden is connected to the museum’s fifth-floor galleries by a pedestrian bridge. Visitors move from the museum building to the Rooftop Garden through an enclosed passageway that will also be used for the display of art. Visible from the street, the passageway lends new character and interest to the outside appearance of the building.

A panoramic window will replace the back wall of the fifth floor of the museum, creating a new gallery with a dramatic view overlooking the garden. Outside the Rooftop Garden, sculptures will be installed either within the luminous glass pavilion or in one of two open-air spaces.

The project is scheduled to open in spring 2009.
Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent
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