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Friday, May 02, 2008

Dubai Pearl, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Building permit granted for Dubai Pearl mixed-use project
Dubai Pearl, an expansive luxury development overlooking Palm Jumeirah, has received the go-ahead after the building permit for the €2.6 billion project was granted. Dewan Architects & Engineers and Adnan Z Saffarini are responsible for the design of the various buildings included within the development. Pearl Dubai FZ LLC, a consortium of investors led by the Al Fahim Group who commissioned the design, yesterday announced that the first phase of construction has begun.

Dubai Pearl is to be built entirely on urban infill and will provide luxury apartments and sky penthouses for 20,000 residents and a bustling business centre, all across 15 million sq ft of land. Central to the concept of the development is that it will be a pedestrianised with climate controlled walkways offering a safe space to manoeuvre and a 24-hour lifestyle.

Dubai Pearl Tower is to be the most remarkable building in the complex towering above the others and bringing innovative design as the first beamless tower design in Dubai. It will offer luxury accommodation, retail space and entertainment across the floors. There will also be a 1500 seat performing arts centre. Dubai Pearl is to service the surrounding Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone and its communities. Construction for the entire complex is expected to be complete at the end of 2010.

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