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Friday, May 02, 2008

Orchid House, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Exotic “Orchid House” Sells for a King’s Ransom
An eco-friendly home located in the visionary community of Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswold Water Park, sold for a record £7.2 million for a country home. Designed by the up-and-coming London architect, Sarah Featherstone, the house, dubbed “The Orchid House’, is inspired by the Bee Orchid that grows on the site.

The organic form of the house is created from sustainable laminated veneer lumber (LVL) ribs and clad with timber shingles. A camouflage pattern is burnt into the timber to blend with the natural setting. The house has flexible living plan with a kitchen at its heart and living and dining spaces fanning out from the center. The main living area will float over the water.

As reported in the Telegraph, the buyer for the house is anonymous although actor Brad Pitt and Bourne Identity Producer Paul Sandberg are reportedly among those who have given its plans a look.

The house will be completed in 2011
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