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Thursday, May 15, 2008

P-17, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Atkins P-17 design unveiled at Cityscape Abu Dhabi
Leading international architecture and engineering firm, Atkins, have unveiled a design for a super slim tower at Cityscape Abu Dhabi. The 379m tower will be located on Dubai's main artery, Sheikh Zayed Road.

P-17 is the latest in a long-line of Dubai creations by Atkins. WAN has reported on the architects' designs for The Lighthouse, 2CDE, Pier 8, Iris Bay and the renowned Trump Towers all of which are situated in the ever-evolving city.

P-17 gives the illusion of an ever changing appearance due to the reflective nature of the facade. The tower’s darker front elevation rises from the ground and twists slightly in a striking glass and steel design. Behind this form, increasingly taller blades gently splay outwards, conveying the appearance of layered planes which dynamically move sideways to produce a challenging, gravity-defying form.

At the mid-building level of the 77-plus storey tower, an angled atrium cuts straight through the tower filling a void over several storeys. This atrium serves the five-star business hotel above, and hosts a group of supporting amenities for the 18 floors of offices underneath. Seventy-five serviced apartments will be operated by the hotel to cater for the varied clientele. The top 19 floors of the tower are all residential apartments with views across the city.

Head of Architecture for Atkins in Abu Dhabi, Joe Tabet, said: “This design intends to integrate contemporary architectural thought with innovative engineering solutions.”
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