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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

30 Old Bailey, London, United Kingdom

30 Old Bailey plans will go ahead
A half-doughnut shaped design submitted last year as a regeneration of the 30 Old Bailey address in London has today been approved by the City of London’s planning and transport committee.

The plans will dramatically change the area’s landscape creating a contemporary substitute to existing buildings dating back to the 1960’s which will be demolished for in the development. Due to the historic surroundings, with the planned works occurring very near to the historical Fleet prison, it has been recommended that any geotechnical pits excavated for engineering should be monitored by an archaeological organisation.

The design features a chequers-board glazed frontage on the nine-storey semi-circle development which will encircle a ‘dramatic’ public plaza and provide a pedestrian route connecting Limeburner Lane with the Old Bailey.

Designed by Make architects for Land Securities the mixed-use building will consist of approximately 423,000 sq ft of offices and 41,000 sq ft of retail space. Private landscaped terraces will be created on the fifth-floor recess to be used for functions of as staff break-out areas.

Managing Director of Land Securities in London, Mike Hussey believes the building will add to the business portfolio of the UK’s capital. He said: “As with the City of London, we expect interested parties to recognise the attention to detail and the potential for this building to be a strong contributor to the growing attraction of the City as a place to work”

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