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Monday, April 14, 2008

Il Ponte, Kiev, Ukraine

Studio & Partners ambitious project rooted in humanistic, technological and sustainable goals.
Il Ponte is one of two new architectural projects recently presented by Milan architects Studio & Partners for developers Terra Development in Kiev. Il Ponte is an ambitious complex of over 250,000m2 that includes office, retail, leisure and hotel accommodation. The project along side the Dniper river includes a 180m tall tower that will form a major gateway and symbol for all those entering from the south east into the city centre. In collaboration with ARUP the whole project is being conceived as a sustainable system that seeks to maximise all the potential of the near by river and in land lake.

The need to accommodate up to 4000 parking spaces within a compact site led to an extensive island podium which rises above the surrounding rail and road systems. On top of this elevated platform is a continuous garden terrace dedicated to enhancing social contact and circulation between the offices and hotel tower above. This extensively landscaped base is enclosed with a transparent roof membrane that forms a series of atriums, providing a year-round micro-climate, and a reduction in heating and cooling requirements for the surrounding buildings. The office spaces are a continuous ribbon of 15m wide flexible floor plates which reflect European workplace norms for daylight and ventilation and have been positioned to respond to the site’s orientation and views. The hotel tower is designed with a triangulated plan and faceted geometry and represents a truly contemporary symbol for the whole development. The tower sits above a vibrant hive of supporting amenities that include, shopping, restaurants and cafes and conference centre that will make Il Ponte a major destination for the whole country.

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