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Monday, April 28, 2008

Blue Frog Lounge by Serie Architects

Angle-Indian architects Serie have completed the Blue Frog acoustic lounge and studios in Mumbai, India.
The lounge will be used as a music venue within a complex of sound recording studios in a converted warehouse and incorporates a restaurant, bar and live music stage.
The different sized cylindrical booths seat between 4 and 10 people and are arranged at various heights to stagger the eye levels of seated diners and standing customers, intended to afford uninterrupted views of the stage.
The empty central area can be used as additional space for standing visitors or as an extension to the stage.
Bumpy, textured walls help to absorb sound.
The undulating booth structure is made from block board finished with mahogany and topped with back-lit 8mm acrylic sheets.
The following information is from Serie Architects:

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