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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Club Tower, Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand architects Weirwalker could have first five-star Green Star NZ building rating in the South Island
Christchurch architects Weirwalker Architecture’s sustainable Club Tower design has been submitted by its commissioners, Latitude Group, to be the first South Island building to achieve five stars in the Green Star NZ building rating. The rating system was set up this time last year by the New Zealand Green Building Council as the first comprehensive green rating system in the country.

The Green Star NZ system looks at qualities such as management, energy, transport, materials, emissions and innovation to achieve an overall rating. Latitude Group believes that the Club Tower in Worcester Boulevard has the green credentials to achieve the landmark status with their director, Ken Wimsett telling press: “Club Tower will be the most technologically advanced office tower in Christchurch’s CBD. It will be an environmentally sustainable building that offers an exquisite workspace with enduring design. We are extremely confident that Club Tower will be the South Island’s first building to be awarded the five-star Green Star NZ rating due to its ecological excellence.”

Club Tower will have the ability to recycle on-site as one of its possible qualifications for the rating with the building’s design emphasising ‘cutting-edge efficiency and clean technologies’ according to the design website.

Club Tower is an addition to the Canterbury Club in Christchurch which has historical significance as the place where Captain Robert Scott ate his last meal before departing on his expedition to the South Pole. The construction of the tower will provide modern amenities as part of an overall re-vamp of the site which has been designed with the involvement of the local historian. The tower is set to take 15 months to construct.

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