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Friday, April 25, 2008

Stage East, Toronto, Canada

raw design's latest for Toronto's up and coming Leslieville district
The project features an unusual internal raised courtyard with a freestanding central elevator and glazed link between two buildings to create an exclusive yet open and light-filled space for residents.

Two distinct building masses sit on a shared single level volume containing retail on Queen Street and parking entered from Memory Lane to the rear. The site features large amounts of exterior space and the upper units have enormous terraces at 300 sft. The site will also feature innovative landscaping - integrating different types of living walls that will act as dividers in the courtyard and balconies. There will also be a green roof on top of the mezzanine with a unique landscape design. Distinct metal fascia adds drama to the facade juxtaposed against glazing angled to capture the summer solar rays.

There were significant challenges of building the main street site – scale, density, access, economics – involving lengthy discussions with the city and several design options. Also planned for the site are; large overhangs to the south (bigger balconies), heat sinks, green roofs, lighter colour paving and autoshare space in the back.

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