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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cafeteria Kirschgarten, Basel, Switzerland

HHF create minimal temporary design for cafe at landmark Swiss School
Kirschgarten is the integration of a cafeteria into a existing open lobby of an important school building located in the city center of Basel. Ribbons made of wood are placed above the existing floor, wall and ceiling. Inbetween the concrete structure these ribbons reach out to the courtyard, creating a sunscreen and terrace where people can sit and eat. This gesture links the interior space to the outside and enables direct access from that courtyard.

On the interior the wooden facia traces the existing concrete structure. A glass facade which is almost invisible to the outside works as a thermal barrier. With that the outer appearance of the building with its slim columns is kept as before.

Being a landmarked building, designed by the famous swiss architect Hans Bernoulli, every intervention had to be reversible. The project reacts to that requirement - the construction of the interior wood facia has only a few connections to the existing structure.

The colour concept with its different shades of grey was created in collaboration with the swiss artist Gido Wiederkehr.
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