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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cumayasa complex, Cumayasa, Dominican Republic

Luxury Residential Estate in the Dominican Republic
The architecture and urban design firm A-cero, led by Joaquin Torres, has undertaken the project of a hotel and luxury residential complex covering an area of 1,400 hectares in the coastal district of Cumayasa in the Dominican Republic.

The project consists of more than 3,000 luxury villas, 3 hotels, 4 golf courses and a marina, providing a place to enjoy a variety of water sports, tennis and ecotourism, in addition to its unparalleled greens for golf lovers.

By the use of a contemporary design language, the project seeks innovation, making an architecture of details, tuning the constructive elements to develop multifunctional spaces and resistant structures, taking in to account the environment and context of the island where the complex is located.

The predominant building materials in the project were wood and natural stone combined with steel and glass, the latter used sparingly because of the weather and high temperatures. The rooms are naturally ventilated and their interior design allows an interesting play of light, shadow, colour and rhythm, created with selected top-quality materials.

The main idea was to create a settlement of high environmental quality and low density, which incorporates native vegetation. The landscape design follows a contemporary style that embraces the houses, scattered on a stair pattern, softening the impact of their presence and creating a dynamic appearance to the whole.

The complex has its "symbolic center" in the water which is very present throughout the project and its location.

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