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Thursday, April 24, 2008

micro-compact home (m-ch), New York, United States

MoMA to host exhibiton of fabricated dwellings featuring the m-ch
This summer, New York’s Museum of Modern Art will offer the most thorough examination of the historical and contemporary significance of factory-produced architectures to date. Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling will be an exhibition that is both a survey of the past, present and future of the prefabricated home and a building project on the Museum's vacant west lot. Five architects have been selected to display full-scale prefabricated houses in the outdoor space to the west of the Museum's main building.

Selected from over 400 projects one of the five chosen architects Horden Cherry Lee Architects will be showing their award winning micro-compact home (m-ch) The micro-compact home is a revolutionary low energy lightweight prefabricated dwelling pioneered by Professor Richard Horden and his fellow teachers and students of the department of Architecture and Product Design, Technical University Munich (Main image and images 1-4).

The five projects will be shown in the context of a further 58 projects displayed in the sixth-floor International Council of The Museum of Modern Art Gallery. Projects scheduled to appear in the sixth-floor gallery will include Michael Jantzen’s M House (Images 5 & 6). This construction is a relocatable structure made from a wide variety of manipulatable components that can be connected in many different ways to a matrix of modular support frames.

The MoMA exhibition will run from 20 July - 20 October 2008

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