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Thursday, April 24, 2008

UXUS Office, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s fairytale office
Amsterdam architects and designers UXUS have used their own offices as a showcase for their wacky design concepts. Set at the crossing of two canals in Amsterdam, the historic Art Nouveau/Neo-Gothic facia of the building is elegant and elaborate, fairytale-like, but what lies within surpasses the exterior in intrigue. UXUS have created a space which transports their staff and visitors into a wonderland of creative design based on the ‘mysterious and poetic atmosphere of old and new world fables’.

Included in the design is a panelled door which seemingly stands centre of a large room on its own. On closer inspection, however, the door is set into a glass wall. From paintings of chairs on the walls to the use of muslin shields creating a hazy light, the design creates a dream-space where nothing is as it seems.

UXUS say the space has been designed for the architect to explore their imagination and to “foster powerful unforgettable stories that colour everyday life.”

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