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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shenzhen International Airport Terminal 3, Shenzhen Bao’an, China

M Fuksas win Shenzen Bao’an airport bid with functionally, ecologically and socially sound design
Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas (M Fuksas) have won the competition to design the third terminal at China’s Shenzen Bao’an International airport. The terminal which resembles an airplane from above has been designed specifically to cater to the passengers' needs whilst taking account of environmental and socio-economic factors.
The terminal takes on-board the “movement” and “pause” elements to a travelers’ use of the area with three separate areas spatially designed to cater to the travelers’ different needs. M Fuksas say it is designed to ergonomically ease the travelers’ passage through the structure and decrease walking distances and processing times while providing the convenience of eateries and shops.
The design considers ecological effects by using an innovative two-skin layer which will reduce energy consumption and allow natural light to permeate the structure.
The project has also been specifically designed by the Italian architects to make the most effective use of local resources and will be built with local contractors.
The 400,000 square-metre structure will be constructed in three phases and is due to be completed in 2035. The first phase will be a working airport complete with shopping and parking facilities by 2015 with the further two phases allowing for expansion and rail links to the terminal.

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