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Monday, April 14, 2008

Prima, Kiev, Ukraine

Vibrant mix of work and living space attracts Kiev to new tower
Prima is the second of two new architectural projects presented by Milan architects Studio & Partners for developers Terra Development, based in Kiev. Prima is located in a central area of Kiev that is presently going through a major transformation in terms of infrastructure, building development and revitalisation of public parks, The project is a mixed use tower of 16,000m2 that includes offices and apartments as well as a roof top restaurant and private recording studio for one of the countries leading opera singers. The building sits up on a 3 storey plinth that encloses the below ground parking entry and a raised entry lobby.

The 24-storey tower sets new standards for Kiev. It is conceived as a vibrant mix of high quality workspace and residential apartments, that together with a technologically advanced conference facility, high-end food market and roof top sky café bar, can support the needs of the most demanding and cosmopolitan businesses and residents. The project is already at an advanced stage and Terra Alliance has obtained preliminary permissions and construction that is scheduled to begin in mid 2008.

The tower has been designed as an articulated, yet harmonious composition of the different functions. It comprises a commanding stone clad plinth that elevates the building and encloses the integrated parking levels and service access spaces. The main entrance penetrates this base with an inviting double height volume. From this level residents and business staff are served by their own concierge and security controls, where as a specialist food court market is a shared facility for all building users and external visitors. The building’ exclusive roof top sky café bar provides diners extensive city views and a large open air terrace. One of the key features of the building’s design is the internal vertical arrangement that seeks to maximise the sense of openness and daylight with continuous voids through the different levels. These spaces provide opportunities for the dynamic integration of planting, art installations and communal space that will give Prima a unique and exclusive quality.

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