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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bellahoj Swim Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark

Swim stadium creates new recreational hub in Copenhagen
The Bellahoj swimming stadium has been built on the site of a former outdoor pool in suburban Copenhagen between the area Bronshoj and Copenhagen proper. The architectural solution connects the Bellahoj fields and the Bellahoj towers. The park around the stadium has both secluded areas for rest or reading and play areas for children.

The stadium building strengthens the Bronshoj area as an attractive location by establishing a meeting place in a dense city area. The ramps and stairs in front of the stadium will become a much needed public space in a very diffuse urban setting.

The horizontal front of the roof is coverd with glass in a greenish colour that mirrors the characteristic copper colour of the surrounding buildings. At night the roof can be spectacularily lit from inside with energy saving LED light. We have managed to integrate large glass areas in the building further enhancing the close connection between indoors and outdoors. At the same time the light steel construction of the roof makes the building seem both light and crisp.

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