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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Silver 100 Innovative Industrial Exhibition Centre, Nanhai, China

Barrie Ho Architecture completes new exhibition centre in Nanhai
Situated in the newly developing Nanhai Industrial Park, the site is a one-hour traveling distance from Centre Guangzhou. Silver 100 (YinYiBai) Innovative Aluminum Industry aims to promote its industrial technology and innovative products in an exclusive exhibition centre.

With an intensive GFA of 200,000 sq ft, the centre includes East & West wings of exhibition halls and business centres for different capacities and trade shows in two curvilinear stripes. Two wings of exhibition halls are equipped with innovative exhibition technologies that are skillfully elevated and linked by a grand staircase, leading to a 20 m ceiling height atrium.

The interiors of the business centres and the exhibition halls are sub-divided by an adaptive layout and demountable partitioning while the corporate offices will be located in the upper levels of both the East & West wings. An exclusive executive floor is located at the highest level of the East Wing to house a Hall of Fame, director’s board room and exotic executive en suites.

The architectural skin is designed with matt silver aluminum claddings and a mixture of window configurations and curtain wall systems to represent a metaphor of hi-tech-profile and a timeless machine.

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