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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Jiang Wan Cultural Center, Shanghai, China

An environmentally sensitive cultural center that celebrates the fusion of man and nature
Nestled in the city's last wetland preserve, Shanghai's latest and most comprehensive urban development, New Jiang Wan District, is a model for a sustainable community for the 21st Century. The area's Culture Center, located in a central park, was designed to celebrate and showcase the environmental sensitivity and community-oriented feel of the new town.

With 6,000 sq m of exhibition, education, performance, leisure and entertainment facilities across two floors, the culture center provides a fluid interaction between interior and exterior spaces. Inspired by a rootstock tangled with pieces of rock, the horizontal building is highly integrated with the landscape and nature.

The building encourages and stimulates public access and interactions within its dynamic spaces. Organic and inorganic material palettes contrast to celebrate the fusion of man and his environment.

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