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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

W New York Guestroom & Suites Renovation, New York, United States

BBG-BBGM completes W New York guestroom & suites renovation
BBG-BBGM's New York office have announced the completion of the interior renovation of the guestrooms and suites rat W New York, a prestigious Manhattan hotel.

Conceived as an urban oasis, the newly renovated guestrooms and suites of this urban five-star hotel were designed to offer respite from the chaos of the city by immersing the guest in soothing colors and textures inspired by nature.

Designed to evoke the essence of “chill,” offsetting the city’s adrenaline, the suites offer an experiential setting filled with unpredictable creativity. Organic colors are artfully combined with playful hues of silver, bronze, aubergine, chartreuse, and crimson. This sensual palette is enhanced by the alluring angles created by an impressive array of objet d’art custom furnishings, including high-backed plush throne chairs, undulating bronze coffee tables, and pendant-shaped hanging lamps inspired by Indian water vessels. Suites with wrap-around terraces feature elegant teak flooring and a detailed selection of furnishings including large daybeds, solid cedar cocoon chairs and plush chaises. The assortment of furnishings invites guests to relax and take in the magnificent views, but also provides a multifunctional environment suitable for entertaining.

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