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Monday, June 01, 2009

La Estancia Chapel, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Bunker Arquitectura's striking wedding chapel is new addition to colonial gardens
The chapel was designed for a beautiful Mexican colonial garden that caters to weddings. Since the garden lacked a chapel, previous weddings all took place under a light canvas canopy roof. The architects wanted to conserve this “lightness” and “impermanence” in the new design and so decided on a crystal chapel.

This brought some interesting challenges since the client suggested that the architects install air conditioning to counteract the heat that would be generated in the closed interior. Esteban Suarez and his team didn't approve of this idea due to its high cost and the contamination of the surrounding environment it would engender, both important issues that led them to consider replacing the glass for another material.

It was in the subsequent discussions that followed where the architects realised that they could continue to conserve the original crystal chapel design without the use of air conditioning, if they were to separate the U-profiled glass in the manner of lattice-work, and in so doing, create a well ventilated space as well as achieving a visual play between the interior and exterior
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